Paranormal America

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About Paranormal America is a collection of unexplained experiences from all across America. Book on Amazon:
Description The purpose of this page is to promote the book "Paranormal America" and others in the series.

About Paranormal America:
We've collected paranormal experiences from everyday people all over the United States - one story from each state - and put them together for you to read in Paranormal America.

The stories range from seeing ghosts or spirits that move and throw things around their homes to potential alien abductions.
Some people have seen creatures they can't explain or witnessed dark figures with ominous intentions. Other have been possessed or even had certain inanimate objects appear to take on unnatural life through a dark presence. While yet others have connected with lost children from their past lives.

There are truly no exceptions to the strange and unexplained phenomena these people have seen.

Read about the events that often times changed their lives and their minds!

What have you seen? You are not alone!

Featuring Stories By:
Megan Moxon • Vivien Bullard • Chad Dees • Marissa Marie Mejias • Kathy Bolton • Simona Harper • Amy Mattison • Kristianne Hall • Elaine Levaditis • Daniel Pojoga • Tristan Hart • Stacey Spints • Dorriane Fisher • Christian Hutchens • Gene Wheeldon • Danny Howell • Parrish Gore • Kevin P. Tremblay • Megan Rivera • Marlon Adams • David Wak • Mercedes • enter • Kimberly Davis • Rick Fogle • Wintermyst • Liz Harrington • Daniel Pegg • Dawn Lisa Cuccinello • Wayne Lee • Lita Benson • Sarah Thompson • Elizabeth Kiley • Bobbi Autry • Kathleen Glatfelter • Christian Duquette • Roderick Brehm • Chris Becker • Edward Kolnaski • Elise Reeves • Justus Thomas • Josh Mason • Rachael Queen • Jason Buchko • Olivia Powell • Lori Hudson & more.

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