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About This is a Facebook page dedicated to Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen
Description This is a Facebook page dedicated to Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen.

If you're a fan of Adam, Sauli or both please click on the "like" button. This is a community where fans can meet other Glamberts and Sunflowers, share artwork, videos, meet & greet stories (etc) of Adam & Sauli together as a former couple or separate as individual celebrities. You won't find any negativity here just pure love for Adam & Sauli.

If you tweet about the page on Twitter, use the hashtag #AdamSauliForever

**NOTE** This is just a fanpage, Adam nor Sauli run the page. :)
This page posts in all languages.

Fanpage Rule:
Sauli hate is not welcome on this page. I don't mind Adommy shippers following this page, but keep your fantasies off of here. This page is dedicated to SAULIBERT! I'm sure there's other pages where you can express your Adommy fantasies but not on this page.

If I see any Sauli hate on this page or any comments saying nottommyjoe... you will be banned and your comments deleted.
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