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About Athletic Footwear with new Revolutionary Ankle Support Technology designed to protect against sprained ankles. Visit us at www.ektio.com
Description Ektio™ is an athletic performance shoe company with products designed specifically to combat basketball ankle injuries by preventing rollover inversions.
Mission To Protect and Defend

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Overview How long did your last ankle sprain keep you off the court? Even when you came back, were you as confident to drive the lane, sky high for a board, or attack the rim with the same ferocity as before? Ektio steps onto the court for the first time ever, so get rid of your braces and tape and lace up in the greatest revolution to hit the hardwood EVER. With straps located inside the wall of the shoe to support the outside ligaments and strategically located bumpers on the outside, Ektio will Protect Your Game and allow you to Play with higher confidence and maximized performance!

Ektio™ (www.Ektio™.com) is a physician-designed, clinically-tested athletic shoe specifically created to provide rock solid ankle support. The brand was named after the two Greek words ‘Ektor’ and ‘Alexio,’ which mean to ‘defend’ and ‘protect.’ Though Ektio™’s functional properties are totally unique to any footwear on the market today, the hip, urban-styling of the Wraptor and Post Up models rivals any celebrity named athletic shoe available today.
Web site www.ektio.com, alphaii.co.uk

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