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About South African based photographer & graphic designer with the aim @ fine arts and nature.
Description Just sharing the way of having daily fun, why nature is the absolute perfect backdrop, describing hidden history of forgotten places, animals are the purity of life, farm life is special, fashion is an accessory, people are one of many characters and family is anchor.
Mission The goal is to remember what I've been taught by my parents. When you follow your Passion, Success follows you. I love what I do and basic thats all that matters to me. The mission - I don't know how to explain it. I guess the best way to describe it would be, be the difference you want to see in photography. I strive to be different, otherwise my work will just blend in. You'll either like my work or you hate it, either way it doesn't bother me. In every shoot there is this moment and when it passed you know, that this were that perfect shot. Your always waiting for that one:) The most beautiful art lies in nature, if you see it. Take the time to take it in. And to do small canvasses on God's big one - that's the gift bigger than anything. So I take photos, memories, moments and leave only footprints.
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