Livingstones Adventure Victoria Falls

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About Come and view the rare wildlife and birds in unique ways above and around the breath taking Victoria Falls. We will transport you in ways that David Livingstone could barely dream.
Description Before the exploration of Africa, innumerable myths and fantasies filled the vast, uncharted spaces on the map of the so-called “Dark Continent”. Then, during the 19th century era of discovery, European and American adventurers braved the hardships of African travel and found instead a land of tremendous contrast and natural beauty, teeming with an almost unbelievable variety and abundance of wildlife. Their accounts captivated the imagination of people everywhere, and to this day Africa continues to be the premier destination for the
adventurous traveller.
Livingstone’s Adventure allows Africa’s natural wonders to be experienced the way the first explorers must have seen them. Itineraries are customised according to visitor interests, with emphasis on the pristine wilderness, great wildlife viewing, and exclusivity.
The City of Livingstone is considered the Tourist Capital of Zambia, but it has also become the region’s Adventure Capital.
A wide variety of world-class activities are on offer; from river rafting, microlight flights, to the thrills of jet boat rides.
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