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About Law firm based in the UAE providing legal and advocacy services to international and local clients.
Description Greetings, I am Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Al Ketbi. The team and I are delighted to welcome you to the offices of Khalifa Bin Huwaidan Advocates & Legal Consultants. We are a highly notable and distinguished, rapidly growing law firm from the United Arab Emirates providing a service in assisting local and international clients in various types of cases, within all aspects of the law.

The team of Advocates, Arbitrators and Legal Consultants at Khalifa Bin Huwaidan has a rich experience of performing and operating practices within the law in which they initiate into their work when assessing cases from various sectors of the law and legal systems across all areas of the United Arab Emirates.

We have a unique approach in the manner in which we apply our work, introducing innovative ideas to resolve and find solutions in which help the client overcome the legal and business challenges we collide with in the economical environment in which we live today.

We support our client step by step through the legal processes and understand that every case is unique and individual, we take this into consideration and we tailor our services to suit the client and the case in order to succeed in achieving the outcome in which our client anticipates from us.
We pride ourselves in our work and understand that excellence, innovation and devotion are keys to success.
Mission Our vision is to collaborate and develop strong working relationships with law firms across the world. By doing this we experience the different cultures and various ways of providing legal services. From this we can modernize, develop and grow, using our more rounded, valuable knowledge to provide the best legal advice in the world and helping us to become more client focused. We endeavor to cater an international standard of service that satisfies every need and requirement of our honourable clients in the United Arab Emirates and across the seas.
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