Phil Firetog Trio

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Description The Phil Firetog Trio is fronted by Phil Firetog on vocals and guitars. He started his career as bassist, then diverting to guitarist for Paging Grace. He released two EP’s: “All You’re Made Of” in 2007, and “Take Back Your Freedom” in 2011. Paging Grace dissolved in 2014. In January 2015, Firetog started recording his full-length solo album “Portrait Songs” at Vudu Studios with producer Mike Watts.

Shortly after finishing the sessions, longtime friend Jake Bergaglio expressed an immediate interest in accompanying the project. While attending the University at Albany, Bergaglio approached bassist and fellow student Liam Gordon, knowing Firetog was also pursuing other musicians. After auditioning the songs, Gordon was eager to join the two. Once the three musicians had played together, Firetog saw incredible chemistry in this small ensemble. With the lineup of the band finalized, the Phil Firetog Trio was born.

The band is beginning to develop a wider reputation and is on the road to success.
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