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About Heel Saviours™ protecting your beautiful shoes, heels, stilettos and boots.
No more Sinking into the Grass on Race Days or at Weddings.
Description Our Little Shoe Secret is a global retail and wholesale brand online and in various retail fashion boutiques, shoe shops and bridal couture stores.

Our main focus product is our very own creation of Heel Saviours™.

Heel Saviours™ consist of (to date) seven different styles and sizes as not all heel tips are the same.

Our Little Shoe Secrets Heel Saviours™ are a high end fashion accessory with purpose that allows women to walk and stand on any surface in a pair of high heels with the utmost confidence and stability.

High Heels have been renowned for sinking into the grass, getting stuck in wooden decking gaps, wobbling around on pavers and cobblestone and getting damaged and filthy in the process.

Now with Heel Saviours™ You and Your Heels are stable, above ground, protected and clean.

Our range of Heel Saviours™ are created with the best soft forming plastics (yet very strong) that do not yellow, split, crack or fall off, and are visually discreet.

Q & A:
Q: Will they damage my heels?
A: Only if you FORCE a small Heel Saviour onto a larger heel stem.
If your heel stems already have fabric damaged, Please use caution so not to push fabric further up the stem.

Q: My heel tips are worn down to the screws, Will these work until i get them fixed?
A: I would not suggest as a quick fix. The screws will quickly push and wear thru the plastics base as they are not a flush surface.

Q: Are your Heel Saviours™ strong enough to support a heavier framed lady?
A: Of Course. These have been weight tested up to 130kg on grass.

Q: How long will a pair last?
A: That will depend on how often you use them. I have worn a pair everyday on hard concrete surfaces and it took about 3 months before considering a new pair. Without Heel Saviours™ I would of had to have my heel tips replaced at least 4 times.
Mathematically speaking - $100.00 spent fixing at your local cobbler V's $15.00 for a pair of Heel Saviours™

Our main goal is to allow women of all shapes and sizes to Walk With Confidence without that Sinking Feeling.

Phone 0410 748 007
Web site http://www.ourlittleshoesecret.com.au

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