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About Multi-generational. Multi-cultural. Multi-purposed!
Our main objective is to help God’s people identify, develop and grow their purpose.
This is defined as: “belonging or occurring in the present”. This isn’t a style but a way of thinking that guides you in everything from the office, to services, to organization, to staff.

We want to add value to the lives of people and help them live for God every second of day. Teaching, worship, groups and opportunities to serve outside the church are all a part of Spirit Church to help take the principles of God’s Word and make them a relavant in our world.

Our greatest need in life is genuine relationships. Jesus lived and died because our relationship with God the Father needed to be restored. At Spirit Church, we believe in developing strong relationships to edify and strengthen the body of Christ. We are intentional in building these relationships through bible studies, serving opportunities, in the Recovery Brothers Ministry and even in the worship time experiences, we want to help fill relational needs that each person has: the relational need for God and for people.

Our desire at Spirit Church is to lead Gods children, young and old, to be transparent and authentic in our faith.
This will pour over into all relationships.
We are who we are.
How we dress.
The way that we talk.
The way we do relationships.
Whether in the spotlight or in the backdrop, we are who we are.
Embrace who the Lord has created you to be and live an authentic (genuine) life for the Kingdom.
We believe that Jesus was who he said He was. He did ministry the way He was intended to.
He was totally authentic.

We don’t do everything… and we won’t, because we can’t. We simply do these things because they are what we believe God has called us to do. Our goal is to teach and to lead Gods children to know their purpose and
walk in it daily with power.

Come be a part of what we DO have going on!
Weekend Worship - Sunday at 10:30 am
Spirit Wednesday's - Bible Study 7pm
Discipleship Classes - As Announced
Ministry Opportunities - We 'GO' Serve
Spirit Filled Generation - Young Adults
ISI - Men's Ministry
Women of Worth - Women's Ministry
Spirit Kids - Childrens Ministry
Spirit Kids Dance team - Children/Youth Music Ministry
Mission ■The Bible is our authority for what we believe and how we live.
■Compelling the unconvinced is God’s priority and our calling.
■Empowerment of the Holy Spirit is essential to maximizing the Christian life.
■Excellence honors God and inspires people.
■Character development occurs best through intentional relationships.
■Fervent prayer and passionate worship are foundational to knowing and experiencing God.
■Giving time, talents and resources to serve people honors God.
■Ministry should be culturally relevant while remaining doctrinally pure.
■Ministry exemplifies Christ’s compassion to the needs of the world around us.
■Believers should discover and utilize their unique, God-given spiritual gifts.
■A church should live and serve together in unity
Overview We are a church that looks like heaven looks, fulfilling our earthly mission of advancing God’s Kingdom.
Phone 662-895-0048
Web site http://spiritchurchintl.org/

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