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About Interblock is a synonym for state-of-the-art electronic gaming machines with worldwide market presence and technical support.
Description Organic is the brand name for the 4th generation of electromechanical gaming machines. Product families comprise of roulette, dice, card and virtual games, as well as combination of different games in a single produce in the Multicenter family or Organic island environment.

The main principle of the Organic family is to offer the automated versions of popular casino games, such as roulette, Dice games, Black Jack and Baccarat in places where live games are not allowed. Except for the virtual family of products, all Organic gaming machines are built to include the essential elements of liver versions of the above mentioned games, such as using a real roulette wheel, real dice and real cards to enhance the players' experience.

Being fully automatic, we offer all advantages of the automatic games such as the speed at which the games are conducted and no need for staff to operate which at the same time upholding the genuine experience by conducting the games the same way as live games would be.

Constant development is one of the most important activities for Interblock company, so accordingly to the company philosophy, at the end of year 2013, Interblock announced the arrival of new, 5th generation of gaming devices, called Diamond, launched at Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas.

The new G5 generation brought new electromechanical generators games and introduced a new concept of gaming products, which allow casinos the presentation of attractive gaming products, better utilization of space and a new gaming experience for the players.

Interblock puts special emphasis on the growth and development of new products. Experience indicates high demands for integrated solutions for equipping gaming halls and casinos, so particular attention is provided to supply custom designed equipment.

An important step in Interblock development was launching the Interblock Hologram Gaming Lounge (IBHGL), an exceptional gaming solution, which creates the illusion of life-size, high definition, 3D moving images on stage and is a patented innovation in the gaming industry. IBHGL enables simultaneous game interaction and advertising in one place, on the other hand, is a very attractive and effective system, which can support concerts or events of all kinds.
Overview Interblock® is a worldwide recognized brand of high quality multiplayer gaming machines and services established in 1989. Electromechanical and electronic gaming solutions by Interblock provide casinos, arcades and gambling halls worldwide superior product performance and their guests a gaming experience to be remembered. Our multiplayer gaming machines are setting new industry standards and therefore it comes with no surprise that Interblock is considered market leader in our business segment. Nowadays, the brand Interblock is a synonym for state-of-the-art gaming solutions with global market presence and technical support in over 80 jurisdictions.
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