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About Pushing Inline Rollerblading Progression since 1992.
Description We are the worldwide brotherhood of people who love to roll. We go all the way back to the beginning of the sport, and we will never lose the philosophy that we are a brotherhood with a sense of unity, regardless of where you are from, age, or sex.

Scribe was created by Shannon Grendahl & Steve Thomas in 1992. They made many of the original products that made our sport possible. Unfortunately they had a dishonest investor who did things that led to the collapse of the company. Shannon bought out a portion of a partner's shares to give him majority ownership when the company became defunct giving him the full rights to the use of the name and logos in 1997. Over a decade later Shannon ran into Con.Artist Brand owner Daniel Fabiano at a local Minnesota skatepark and they collaborated on the ideas of bringing Scribe back to life. Mr. Fabiano was always eager to resurrect a legendary rollerblade brand but had no idea he would have the opportunity to reestablish Scribe Industries. Shannon still has a strong passion for the sport and a love for his old brand, therefore Mr. Fabiano is very open to letting Shannon have a voice and a foot in the door with the new established Scribe brand.

Currently, Daniel Fabiano and Shane Birtzer are primary owners that own all rights to the branding, and LLC of the brand. Shannon in the beginning stages of the resurrection helped with counseling in sectors of the company he was comfortable with. Shannon is a strong legend to the company, being the only piece of history that still holds Scribe close to his heart and soul.

Scribe is about the roots, tradition, and "unity". Many look back at their roots in rollerblading and see and feel Scribe. That is why Scribe is back. We are here to bring new light to old product and establish a team and philosophy that encourages rollers to unite and push for progression in our sport.


Dan Fabiano - Owner, Production, Design, Marketing Director, Promo, Team Management (2009-Present)
Shannon Grendahl - Original Owner (1992-1997)

The 2014 Team:

-Kevin Lapierre
-Stefan Brandow
-Kirill Galushko
-Tim Franken
-Shane McClay
-Michael Froemling
-Eric Miller
-Adam Bazydlo

Scribe Descendants:

Steve Thomas
Shannon Grendahl
Shane Nelson
Jon Robinson
Nate Strandberg
Ryan Bonnema
Darrin Sonaki
Jordan O'Brien
Blake O'Brien
Ryan Jacklone
Matty Mantz
Nick Aliano
Mark Neppl
Matt Hermanek
Nate Strandberg
Bryan Lecy
John Schmit
John Glynn
Pat Milberry
Mike & Derek French
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