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About Planet Eco aims to be the leading LED installer in Canada, delivering energy efficient solutions to Canada households.
Description The program targets homes and that have incandescent bulbs and would like to reduce the energy consumption for lighting by 80%. This should be a mandatory program for every electricity user, but for now it is optional and available to the informed. Our Job is to educate on the benefits of LED and help complete the application and schedule the installation.

Planet Eco is an environmentally responsible company. We employ over 40 well-trained and accredited installers. Our proprietary data management system and our professionally trained installers ensure all products associated with your home energy efficiency upgrade will be properly installed. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Smart Thermostats
There's a reason why we call this the ecobee Smart Thermostat. For one thing, it's internet enabled through WiFi so that you can easily monitor and manage your home comfort. It's also a smart way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Genius. More than just a thermostat Average ecobee user saves 26% off heating/cooling costs

Led Bulb Replacement
Our average residential bulbs are between 3 and 7 watts for most applications. Comparing that to a 40, 60 and 100 watt bulb or even typical 13-26 watt compact fluorescent bulbs, you will see savings first month. Through our Planet Eco-Lease program you pay nothing for the install, just a small monthly fee that is less than the money saved on your utility bills.

• The average home has 30 Incandescent bulbs
• A 5 watt LED light replaces a 50 watt Incandescent bulb.
• Each LED bulb will save $1.00 a month per bulb in electricity cost.
• LED use 80% less energy than Incandescent.
• 15 Year Residential Replacement Warrantee.
• Electricity rates are forecasted to double in the next 10 years.
• Monthly plan(s) pay for itself through saving

Solar Security Lighting
Keep your backyard, front door, garages, warehouses, and ranches safe from thieves and trespassers with the Sunforce Products' Solar Powered Security Light, providing superior performance powered by the sun. The security light features dual independent 5-LED spotlights that can be adjusted in a 360 degree pattern for outstanding lighting performance. Integrated solar panel charges include rechargeable AA batteries. Super bright LED lights provide illumination up to 20 feet with variable brightness settings.

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