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About UNIQUE BIJOUX. One of a kind and exclusive jewelry design.

Sales and press inquiries: GBGH@GBGH.NYC
Description “GBGH Jewelry, better known as “Go Big or Go Home” it’s the brainchild of Brazilian-born jewelry designer Jackie Barbosa. Ms. Barbosa has managed to create some of the most exquisite and intricate pieces, with limited edition and one-of-a-kind metals handcrafted in her studio in Brooklyn, NYC . The jewelry, as much as the woman wearing it, love to make a statement reflecting a life lived on the edge between what is comfortable and what is unknown, unafraid to push the limits, and its confines.”
— Candice Langley- Face Value Blog

“Today all of my pieces – both the small, more intimate pieces and the large statement pieces – reflect that approach to life. In all things, I seek to live, love, connect and learn with style, soul and authenticity. If that isn’t there with my jewellery, I won’t make it.

I am inspired by the antagonism between the beauty and expanse of nature and its wild elements as well as big city chaos. I love the mix of people on the streets around me and in my life; The actual process of jewellery crafting and making is very inspiring for me, when the fire over the metal starts creating a shape of its own is quite beautiful, at that moment I start learning what those two elements want and a whole new inspiration starts.”
— Jackie Barbosa
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