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Description Under Water survey's
We will survey any wreck including oil and gas pipelines no object any size or depth can be surveyed with the most up to date ROV we will travel to werever is needed in the world and to provide surveys and transfe onto dvds for you and do a full report for you and your company and if any repairs are required then we will carry them out without any problems.

Underwater pipeline repairs and welding
We offer a wide range of underwater pipeline repairs no matter how deep your pipeline may be we have the staff and teams of men that can dive any depth and correct it for you whether you want a new part of pipe putting in or you want a clamps putting on the pipes we also have support boats with divers that can carry this out and do the projects required.

Above ground pool
We offer a wide range of above ground pools no matter what size you require they can be provided in an exhibition whether the exhibition is an exterior or interior show that you need we can meet your requirements, We have the expertise to maintain pools running to meet your needs and to meet the needs of the people that are using the pool without any problems We will also heat pools if needed so cold water will not be a neccessity your needs will be met..
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