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About LORLORNYO 93.3FM's mission statement is to be a mouth piece of the people of the Volta Region and beyond. We are not only doing that, but are and will always continue shaping the Volta.
Description LORLORNYO FM remains the first radio station to be set up in the upper part of the Volta Region, in the Hohoe Municipality to be precise. This station has over the years proven to be the people's final point of resort to making their voices heard. It has distinguished itself from its competitors in all fields of operation such as entertainment, news, interviews, education, advertisement, discussions and every other service a radio can offer that u can think of. This is why we can boldly say, "WE ARE NUMBER ONE!!!".
..........(Maurice Alidza) (Internet Publicity Agent, New York, USA)
Phone +233 20 193 8134, +233 3627 22347
Web site www.facebook.com/lorlornyofm

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