The Omnihilia Movement

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About Omnihilia was officially founded on the 08/08/2013 in the city of Auckland, New Zealand.
Description Omnihilia is a modern philosophical and philanthropic movement dedicated to bringing about a transition in society from our current state of dissonance to the next stage of development as we travel in time through the unknown abyss of the infinite.

The specific mandate of Omnihilia is to provide support for both individuals and communities needed for the development of an effective neoteric society. We aim to achieve this by creating inclusive communities based on the ideals of understanding, wisdom, acceptance and love.

Our overall aspiration is to advance the current state of civilization at large, which would ideally be achieved by creating a "global culture" of sorts, a planetary society unified by a set of common ideals and standards.

Group Mission:

-To assist in the bringing about of a transition within our civilisation to advance to a higher state of being

-To support and embrace diversity through a respect for other cultures, nationalities, religions, and belief systems

-To train and equip members with the skills necessary to aid in bringing about this transition through a change in mind set

-To unravel the negative aspects of social conditioning in individuals which could potentially be a hindrance to a formation of a more harmonious civilisation

-To encourage self-reflection and the contemplation of relevant questions to aid in the deconstruction of erroneous or harmful beliefs and world views

-To teach individuals through the utilisation of methods relevant to their individual personality types

-To establish an environment for those who seek after knowledge and wisdom

-To discuss and learn an extensive variety of topics including those relevant to the formation of an inclusive civilisation and the potential betterment of one's self

-To cater to people of all ages/religions/other belief systems/ethnic backgrounds etc

-To aim for transparency in our teachings and activities as much as is possible

Any disagreement or opposition towards the ideas presented herein are of high importance to us and we shall try and solve them in a dialectical fashion when possible. Any relevant corrections we could make please let us know.

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