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About Fashion Footwear & Accessories
Description MIGATO S.A. has been dedicated to the fashion of footwear and accessories for decades. The brand is highly recognized as a primary trend-setter and has spread to several countries throughout the world. The MIGATO shop network is now comprised of over 120 locations that each promise the ultimate fashion experience!
Overview Since its establishment in Greece-1983 MIGATO has dedicated itself to the fashion of shoes and accessories. By continuously presenting contemporary women and men collections that reflect the latest trends while offering competitive pricing, MIGATO has distinguished itself as a leader in the footwear industry.

Season after season the company which is headquartered in Athens, works endlessly to provide a wide variety of styles to satisfy the fashion demands of its loyal customers. From shoes to bags, belts, and other accessories MIGATO continues to extend its product line, covering all aspects of the footwear & accessory spectrum.

As a result, the company has experienced such growth that it is comprised of an extensive shop network that now reaches several countries throughout the world and has made MIGATO one of the most dominant and fastest-developing companies.

More than 120 retail shops have been established in various prime locations that are all found in the heart of commercial traffic. The uniquely styled shops are designed in the modern, minimalist aesthetics which are custom throughout the entire MIGATO chain.

Each MIGATO shop promises unparalleled service, absolute customer satisfaction, and a true fashion shopping experience.

Web site http://www.migato.com

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