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About This page is our selling products if you want ingredeints tips please vist our other page
Description We specialize in all types of Moroccan sweets, biscuits cookies and cakes, they are made to order, using the only finest authentic recipes, to obtain a unique mouthwatering taste.
Here you can buy our delicious assortment of authentic Moroccan sweets and divine treats, all handmade with the finest and traditional ingredients.
We cater for weddings, birthday parties and special occasions, we have a wide range to offer. All our sweets, biscuits and cookies are sold by weight and can be bought individually or mixed as a tray, all our ingredients are 100% halal.
جميع أنواع الحلويات المغربية التقليدية والعصرية تلقونها في صفحتنا المتواضهة
ومن أراد كومند أو من لديه أي مناسبة وأراد تقيم الفرح المرجو الاتصال بنا ببعث رسالة الكترونية والتمن مناسب لجميع زبناء
Moroccan Delight is the only name to trust in Moroccan sweets.
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