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About Master Chen teachings are designed for Battlefields of old and modern hand to hand combat scenarios. These including knife fighting techniques, gun disarming techniques, fighting multiple opponents and moves for controlling and finishing opponents.
Description Master Chen Fusheng's Traditional Martial Arts School - $650 per month (prices per month are on a sliding scale to encourage longterm study)

Master Chen Fusheng’s Martial Arts Academy is a traditional Chinese kung fu academy in Lixian Zhen, Daxing District of Beijing, one hours car ride outside Beijing City Centre and two hours by bus.

The Academy has all the facilities of any good traditional martial arts school. There are however no translators on site so a willingness to learn Chinese or previous Chinese language experience would be advantageous however is not necessary as the existing long term students will be able to assist you in most matters.

Here you can learn traditional Bagua, Bajiquan, Pigua, Qi gong, Tai Chi, Tong Bei, Gong Li, Xi Yang Zheng, Hei Hu, Xingyi and even Praying Mantis. Master Chen will teach you the best aspects of each of these styles for combat as well as his own Qi gong and fighting style Ba Ji Zhan Dao this is translated as Baji Battlefield Way. This style is specifically designed for the Battlefields of old and modern hand to hand combat scenarios. It includes knife fighting techniques, gun disarming techniques, techniques for fighting multiple opponents and controlling and finishing moves.

The development of his own systems in both Qigong and combat are the product of his years of experience studying, kung fu and meditation at a consistently high level. Combined they create a deadly effective close rage combat style that uses the body’s soft circular abdominal movements and the hip to elicit explosive force at close range while hard qigong is used to protect the body from the opponents strikes and increase your own striking ability.

At this school there is only one Master, Chen Shifu and a major part of your training here will involve qigong and iron shirt kung fu, body conditioning and learning combat effective techniques and applications. Although you will be taught forms and set drills none are performance based and you will be expected to learn the various applications of each movement in both the forms and drills.

School Fees in US dollars.
$650 - per month/6 months/12 month price on request to (food, accommodation, tuition)

INTERNET - 160rmb per month

For further information or an application form to study at Master Chen Fusheng's Traditional Martial Arts School email or visit the StudyMartialArts.Org website.
Phone SKYPE: StudyMartialArts.Org
Web site / / www.StudyMartialArts.Org

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