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Description THE GYM perhaps one of the oldest gym in twin cities started life in the Mid Nineties in F-6 at a local residential building.THE GYM was established in 1992 now owned and brought to recognition by Sheikh Amir Rauf a Well Renowned NABBA Contestant (7th Position) .

THE GYM being one of the most popular gym in the Twin Cities with a much more loyal client base than any other gyms of the cities.Situated in Blue Area in the heart of the city center of Islamabad. Politicians, celebrities from the world of music, television and sports travel to Islamabad for personalized training sessions offered by Amir & his Team.

40% of THE GYM'S member base comprises of female health and fitness enthusiasts, which makes this gym one of the very few unisex gyms in the country . Some of our female members travel all the way from Faisalabad and Sialkot to get their weekly fitness plans chalked out by Mr .Amir. Majority of our female clients had remarkable results in terms of weight loss, muscle toning, enhanced energy levels and boosted self confidence.

Maybe it is the Blood, Sweat, and Tears of over many years of workouts ingrained into the brickwork; maybe it is being isolated from the rest of the world that makes THE GYM, the best gym in Islamabad for a hardcore workout.

THE GYM caters for all levels of fitness and specializes in heavy duty equipment. There is always a qualified, friendly member of staff willing to give hands on training advice and are always willing to help.

THE GYM offers different equipment and machines needed to achieve any goal. Some examples of equipment are: A wide range of dumbbells ranging from 2 to 150 pound, guided / free weight bench press, shoulder press, leg press, cables and free / guided squat! As well as this there are many different cardiovascular machines available including treadmills, elliptical trainers, recumbent bikes and many more!

THE GYM is one of the very few salon gyms in Pakistan that has foreigner members from all parts of the world mainly from Germany, Uk, USA, Korea, Malaysia, Lebanon, and Italy.

If you are ever in Islamabad make sure you pop in for a workout.
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