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About Nigerian Diaspora Students Organization-NDSO is a Non-Profitable organization for only Nigerian Students Schooling in abroad,

We see to their welfare and Logistics,
Description Nigerian Diaspora Students Association-NDSA is lower chamber of National Association of Nigerian Students-NANS
1. To Foster Good Faith and Common Understanding among Nigerian Students schooling abroad.
2. To uphold the Good name of the Countries we find ourselves, our States, Country {Nigeria}, and to protect the interest and Fundamental right of the all Students.
3. To arrange appropriate Educational, Social, Cultural and Sporting activities designed to attract support and promote active participation from among its members.
4. To evolved an effective and responsible Student Association
5. To promote friendly relationship with the Country we find ourselves.
6. To contribute to the Economic, Cultural, and Technological advancement of the country we find ourselves
7. To undertake all such lawful activities as may be necessary for the attainment of these objectives.
8. The Nigerian Diaspora Students Association (NDSA) aims to develop an effective successor generation by involving youths in positive thoughts and ventures that would dissuade them from social vices such as Crime and Gangs, Prostitution, Drug Trafficking/Substances abuse through Mentoring and good leadership building.
9. The NDSA aims to unite all Nigeria citizens (Students), by providing a forum for Nigeria citizens (Students), in coming together to exercise their skills and contribute ideas towards improving ourselves as law abiding citizens to the great country we represent.(Nigeria).
10. NDSA aims to empower and inspire Nigeria Students by providing good support and collective strength to enable us fulfills our potentials and aspiration whether academically, morally and socially.
11. To act as a medium to re-educate and re-engage Nigerians Students who has lost touch with their cultures and people, through our in morale activities round the globe. It will be a forum to educate Nigerian Students who travelled down to a foreign Country, to be fully aware of their jurisdiction, nature of people there, what they like and dislike in other to create a peaceful environment.
12. The Association aims to promote quality and functional education both in Diaspora and in Nigeria, for self-development and capacity building through working in cordiality and respect for one another, and the Authorities concerned.
13. NDSA will recognize positive Nigerian Achievers round the Globe from various sectors, especially from the educational sector, through award ceremonies. The Association will use the same medium to project the good works and good lifestyle of the Nigerian Citizens in Diaspora to the Nigerian Government. This we believe will encourage Nigerian youths studying abroad to work harder and also setting themselves as Role models to the younger generations of Nigeria. We believe that being privileged to establish this Association, it will sure go a long way to sanitize derailed Nigerian Students and the Nigerian community at large and cause them to retrace their steps towards becoming a true law abiding citizens.
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