Second 8th Week Ministries

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About Second 8th Week® Ministries seeks to connect believers to their true identity in Christ, thus helping them re-gain that which Satan stole from them. Start your journey today towards wholeness in Christ.
Description Second 8th Week Ministries is a coalition of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers who have answered the call of God to minister His Word to those seeking the true restoration of the Body to the fulness of Christ and a return to apostolic stewardship.

We make available many resources that will help anyone who is starting this journey, to make it an unforgettable and blessed walk with God.

We offer free downloads of curriculum materials, audio and video teaching, devotional and discussion guides, Ebooks, and more.

We offer a new perspective on spiritual warfare, personal ministry, the 5-fold, spiritual growth that is sure to lead you to experience Christ in new ways.

We hope that will find Second 8th Week Ministries a place where you can learn and grow to the fulness of the stature of Christ.
Mission We believe God is positioning the end-time church in 2 ways: (1) to be a vehicle to bring believers back to the true message of the cross and (2) to carry the gospel to the world.
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