Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

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About A non-profit organization located in Navarre Beach, Florida actively working to save threatened and endangered sea turtles.
Mission Mission Statement: Conservation and protection of threatened and endangered sea turtles through community education programs and partnered research.
Overview If you find a dead, sick, or injured sea turtle, please call the FWC's 24-hour Wildlife Alert Number at 1-888-404-FWCC (1-888-404-3922).

Please be prepared to answer the following questions:
What is the exact location of the animal?
Is the turtle alive or dead?
What is the approximate size of the turtle?
Is the turtle marked with spray paint? (This may indicate that the turtle has been previously documented.)
What is the location of the closest access point to the turtle?
If the turtle is alive, please be prepared to stay with it until help arrives.
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