La Rose Couture

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About La Rose Couture specializes in Historically inspired or correct clothing and atire for Men&Women.
Description La Rose Couture can provide you wit a full outfit including accessoires, jewellry and hats ranging from the 1500's to 1910's.
Both Ladies&Gentlemen, Bridalwear and even sidestepping to Burlesque and Lolita.

La Rose Couture uses copies of orginal historical patterns or patterns taken from original clothing an drafts to your size and wishes.
You will get a silhoute staying true to the Era of your choice and made in the materials and colours befitting that period.
Mission To recreate as many items of clothing, full outfits, bridal wear, accessoires, jewellery, hats, fascinators and more from the 1500's to the 1910's for you!
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