Grupo folclorico "Ravnodenstvie" / Фольклорный ансамбль "Равноденствие"

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Description The family folklore ensemble «Ravnodenstvie» («Equinox») exists since 2001 and is engaged in collecting, studying and execution of Russian authentic folklore.

The repertoire has developed of the material which has written down from old residents and Old Believers on folk-ethnographic expeditions on Western and the Eastern Siberia, Transbaikalia, Ural Mountains and Russian North. Nowadays at ensemble's repertoire there are all genres of folklore from archaic ceremonial songs and children's folklore to late lyrical songs and national romances. Often songs are executed to the accompaniment of a garmonica, a gusly (psaltery) and other traditional musical instruments. Participants of ensemble consider obligatory preservation of traditional sounding of executed songs, consider unacceptable any processing and stylisation, carefully storing the traditions of the execution which have reached from time immemorial up to now.

The big role in ensemble's work plays not only song folklore, but also suits which are made independently, reflect traditions of region of executed songs and are exact reconstruction of Russian traditional suit on the samples studied on folk-ethnographic expeditions and at work with museum pieces.

Besides, participants of ensemble study and master traditional national crafts: manual weaving, beadwork, an embroidery, knitting, weaving of belts, ceramics, wood painting, woodcarving. Repeatedly held seminars, master classes on crafts, also on national dances and ethnopedagogic.

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