ARO Pistachios, Inc.

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About Giant gourmet California pistachios roasted with Himalayan Pink Salt. Kosher, vegan, no gmo, gluten free, naturally farmed. Ships from the farm to you.
Description A Heritage of Pistachio Farming (TM).

ARO Pistachios are gourmet colossal California pistachio nuts, naturally jumbo and expertly roasted with Himalayan Pink Salt.

Kosher certified, non-gmo, vegan, gluten-free, jumbo grower's reserve ARO Pistachios are selected as the best of the best from our crop with over 45 years of Old World artisan farming expertise in California and centuries of Persian pistachio farming ancestry.

Ships direct from the farm in Terra Bella, CA. Makes a statement gift for every occasion. Discover this power delicacy!
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