Did John Katehis Get Justice

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It is amazing how the image of Joe Paterno was maligned till he died, even after he told the campus police about Jerry Sandusky's pedophile behavior. Yet the late WABC celebrity George Weber is still revered by the media after his fatal fling with a 16 year old minor he found on Craigslist. Apparently they communicated via email for days prior to the fatal meeting. What I also find interesting is that the minor's name, John Katehis, was bandied about by the media. Any other minor would not have had his name released so quickly. So what happened there Commissioner Raymond Kelley? So this messed up kid was recently sentenced to 25 years to life for being exploited by a pedophile in some kinky , deviant sex that turned fatal! (Call me judgmental and old fashioned)
Robert Chambers only got 17 years for choking Jennifer Levin to death while having consensual sex with her in Central Park! There something wrong with this picture . Are there that many powerful pedophiles out there that who had to make an example out of this lost kid?

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