Maa Chamunda ( માં ચામુંડા )

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About માં ચામુંડા - ચોટીલા (MAA CHAMUNDA- Chotila)
Description Chotila is a small town having population of around 22,000 people and is a taluka head quarter of Surendra Nagar district, Gujarat. The Chamunda Mataji temple is situated at the top of the Chotila Mountain. Chotila Mountain is around 1250 feet high and is located around 40 miles away from Rajkot, and around 50 miles away from Ahmedabad Her temple is very famous in Gujrat on the moutain named Chotila. Chamunda mata or Rann-chandi is the goddess of power and another form of Durga.Her illusion is twinlike as she is also called Chandi-Chamunda Mata.

History of chamunda mata:-

The history of chamunda mata is when Two Demons named ‘Chanda’ and ‘Munda’ did great penance for many years to please Lord Brahma. When Brahma was pleased he apeared in front of them and the demons asked for being very strong warriors and that they would rule the world and take over heaven. Lord Brahma was merciful so he granted the wish.There was big chaos in the world and the demons became very greedy and attempted to take over heaven aswell as the three abodes of Vishnu (Vaikunth), Shiva (Kailas) and Brahma (Brahmalok ).The three gods went to the mother goddess Parvati who took the form of Chandi and Chamunda who slayed Chand and mund.
Mataji temples are always located at the top of the hills in India and the reason for this is that if you want darshnas of Mataji, you will have to undergo some physical strain. Chamunda Mataji is the Kuldevi (family Goddess) of most of the Hindus staying in Saurashtra region of Gujarat State.There about 700 stoned steps up to the top of the hill. These steps were not covered by the shade before about 5 years. However, a good shade and railings now cover the entire walkway thus providing comfort to all the pilgrims. Famous industrialists, Ambani brothers of Reliance industries have donated this covering and the shades on the hill
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