Jorge Paulo Lemann

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Description Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Swiss-Brazilian investor. He is ranked as the 26th richest person in the world by Bloomberg Billionaire Index, with an estimated net worth of 25 billion, is Brazil's richest man and Switzerland's second richest., Forbes Brazil listed Lemann as the top entry for the Richest Brazilians list.Early lifeIn 1939, Lemann was born in Rio de Janeiro to Paul Lemann, a Swiss immigrant, who founded the dairy manufacturer, Leco, and Anna Yvette Truebner, a Brazilian of Swiss origin. Lemann attended the American School of Rio de Janeiro.His father died in a bus accident in 1953, when Lemann was 14. In 1961, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Harvard University. In his youth, he won the Brazilian national tennis championship five times. He played for both the Swiss and Brazil Davis Cup teams, and played at Wimbledon.FamilyJorge Paulo Lemann is twice married and has six children. He shuttles between São Paulo, Rapperswil-Jona on Lake Zurich, where his family lives, and St. Louis. His first wife was Maria de Santiago Dantas Quental, a psychoanalyst who died in April 2005. His second wife is Susanna Lemann, who gave birth to three children.CareerFrom 1961 to 1962 he worked as trainee at Credit Suisse in Geneva. In 1966, the first company in which Lemann had equity interest, a lending company called Invesco, went bankrupt. Lemann had a 2% equity stake. In 1971, Lemann, Carlos Alberto Sicupira and Marcel Herrmann Telles founded the Brazilian investment banking firm Banco Garantia. Undaunted by a horrific market crash that came only weeks later, Lemann was eventually able to build Garantia into one of the country's most prestigious and innovative investment banks, described in Forbes as "a Brazilian version of Goldman Sachs." All three now help to control AB Inbev as members of its board of directors.

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