Kara Wickman

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Description Kara Wickman's debut collection Oui is the essence of the Parisian woman: a woman who never forgoes chic even though life is on the go.

Wickman's understanding of effortless glamour inspired the creation of a handcrafted collection aimed at bringing allure to the everyday woman.

Constructed out of rich fabrics in deep sapphire, amethyst, onyx, and gold, the uniquely collectible items are versatile wardrobe staples which can easily transition from fashionable office to belle of the evening.

Wickman's inspiration is centered around the corset top, a style which is flattering on any woman as it highlights curves yet smooths the silhouette. From gowns to tweed trousers, Oui inspires a life of passion, inspiration, and luxury yet remains casually wearable for the modern woman.

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