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About Creating a transformative space where clients are seen and heard through nurturing, empowerment, and education.
Description Continuum Healing is a natural health clinic located in Grand Rapids, Michigan made up of caring practitioners who believe that in order to help they must first see, hear, and spend time with whomever seeks their care. Based on the principles of Naturopathic Medicine, Continuum Healing practitioners seek to help the body come back into balance and return to its true state of health. Through nutritional suggestions, herbal programs, cleansing, breath work, bodywork, and massage therapy clients can expect to feel supported and inspired to change their health path. While fast moving and hurried health care is so prevalent in today’s world, Continuum Healing offers you a space to be seen, heard, nurtured, empowered and educated.

Continuum Healing was established in 2008 and has helped thousands of people address their health concerns through traditional healing methods. The practice continues to grow and now has three Naturopaths and two Massage Therapists on staff at their Eastown location. In 2013 the addition of the Remedy Room was added to better offer clients access to the herbal medicines, supplements, and other resources needed to support their health journey.
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