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Insight School of learning (ISL) has been established with a view to creating an educational institution with a difference. Its goal is to provide quality education at an affordable price. To remain in the forefront of the education establishments in this region at this moment of time, we are emphasizing on the internationalization of our programs through global collaboration, and accreditation with universities and institutions across the globe. Simultaneously, we are working on the infrastructural development to ensure the state of the art facilities for all our students. We will strive to provide first class foreign certification to be made available to students right here in Bangladesh, at an affordable price.


'Provide global insight through quality education for creating human capital'


'INSIGHT is committed to provide quality and accessible learning to those who are endowed with the spirit to acquire knowledge and to be globally competent for creating an erudite society'

Major Objectives of INSIGHT

INSIGHT envisions fulfilling the following promises for achieving the mission for which it exists:

• Linking global higher education institutions with potential students seeking undergraduate education.
• Linking global higher education institutions with potential students seeking graduate education.
• Linking global higher education institutions with potential students seeking postgraduate education.
• Provide online education for corporate executives and professionals requiring flexible timing at affordable costs.
• Facilitate intervention for learning at all spheres of life and strata.
• Provide mentorship and supervision to individuals and institutions seeking global learning opportunities.
• Create research links with global academic institutions for individuals and institutions.
• Linking local individuals and institutions with global higher education institutions for the purpose of undertaking research initiatives.
• Linking global individuals and institutions with institutions in Bangladesh with an aim to acquire and disseminate knowledge.
• Work as examination center for global institutions.
• Offer faculty training programs both in knowledge creation and pedagogy.
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