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About ONECOIN: Do something good today; Don’t wait for tomorrow; Tomorrow MAY never come for many of us. Solving the United Nation's Millennium Goal 2: Education for ALL. Connecting 1000,000 students worldwide; 1,000 Global Leaders and Personalities.
Description Dear Valued Friends and Enablers

It gives me great pleasure to have the honor of your company. I sincerely cherish your visit to our OneCoin website.

OneCoin is a simple and novel idea but with a Big Impact. Imagine if we all donate one COIN a day every day. In a year this becomes 365 COINS. The amount is literally peanuts for many of us. We spend this amount for a typical lunch-out in single sitting. Now lets us assume that a typical university with about 2000 students does exactly the same.

The amount becomes quite significant i.e., 730,000 COINS. Now imagine we take this idea to 10 universities. The amount becomes 7,300,000 COINS. Being optimistic, let us now stretch this idea to the region and recruit 100 universities. The amount now becomes 73,000,000 COINS. Imagine now going global. Why global? Simply because everything we do now has a global impact, with everything and everyone becoming increasingly interwoven and interconnected. OneCoin is a global currency; it is a dirham, dollar, yen, rupee and every other currency on the face of this Earth. Being privileged with wealth makes it our duty to help those that are less fortunate. Give them a chance – give them a coin, just OneCoin.

Collective, sustainable and scalable effort is required to meet the United Nation 8 Millennium Goals. Onecoin is working on Goal 2. Today social media allows us to be active participators not just spectators; leaders not followers; creators not consumers; givers not takers. OneCoin is a global initiative to change the world through social media and technology. Lets change the world together one person at a time.

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OneCoin is an open, independent and impartial International Organization with no political or religious affiliations.
Mission Motto
The Motto of OneCoin is as simple as the old adage ‘Give a man a fish you feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’.

We believe that education is the only way to eliminate poverty, sickness, famine, crime and every other vise on the planet.

1. Helping to meet the United Nation's Millennium Goal 2.
2. Celebrate Global MicroCharity Day: 1st Feb.
3. Hold MicroCharity conference every year.

Be part of the GLOBAL CITIZEN and let us collectively solve GLOBAL ISSUES such as poverty, hunger, suffering through EDUCATION.
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