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About We are pursuing an Integrative, Conceptual & Principle-based the path of the Warrior-Scholar.
Description Mountain View Aiki Kai began in 2006 when a collection of students sought training in an ancient art from an experienced teacher. Since then, the growing martial arts school has continuously run four days a week under the same guiding principles.

All training at MVAK is firmly rooted in the functional. We hope to preserve what has worked in the past while also evolving so that our skills can be effectively applied in any situation. In practice, this means always training outdoors and fusing traditional martial arts with high adventure in the wilderness four times a year to challenge and push ourselves to our limits.

MVAK attracts and retains students from all walks of life who share an underlying thirst for self-expression. In our students, we seek to cultivate fighting ability as well as personal growth and wisdom. We have no interest in pushing our students to follow a particular ideology; rather, we hope to aid each student on his or her individual path of self-discovery.

We also warmly welcome those who value community and contribution. All funds from MVAK tuition are donated to those in need.

Please note – MVAK is not a place for people seeking quick martial arts credentials or accolades. Training is a serious commitment that requires discipline, and we hold each member of the dojo accountable for his or her actions and words.

We humbly welcome those interested in undertaking a rigorous and rewarding journey to join us. Up for the challenge?
Mission Pursuing the path of the Warrior-Scholars' that is Integrative, Conceptual, Principle based. We aim for for Aliveness & Ferocious Tenacity that creates Integral Growth

Aikijujutsu & Aiki In Yo Ho - Training in the Old Ways - No studios, No contracts, No Equipment/Gi Sales, No special one-one training fees, All tuition donated to charity.

Bay Area - California under the direction of Mahipal Lunia Sensei
Tlaxcala - Mexico under the direction of Fernando Munoz Sensei
Lake Jackson, Texas (Study Group) - under the direction of Jeevan Gowda Sensei
Phone (408) 357-3268
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