VASS Genealogy & Onomastics

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Description The Hungarian family name Vass is classified as being of occupative origin. During the period in European history when the use of a distinguishing family name was being established, those who were involved in a specific trade or held a particular office were considered some of the most important members of the local community. With regard to the surname Vass, we have a derivation of the old Magyar term "vass" (a written variation of "iron"), referring to a worker in iron or a miner of iron core or a vendor of goods so manifactured. Alternatively and from the same root word, there may also have been a nickname origin referring of distinctively strong constitution. One of the earliest references I found include :

- Neil ‘Vass’ Mackay of Strathnaver [Died: 1450], 7th Chief of the Mackay-South family of Sydney, Australia.
- Ladislav Vas de Gyalu recorded among nobility in 1498.
- Johann Vass von Vasdinye, who was ennobled in 1505.
- In 1535, Ladislas Dracula ( the grandchild of Vlad, THE Dracula ) married Anna Vass de Czege ( a Hungarian noblewoman ), who held properties in Transylvania.
- Rachel Pendleton married John Vass in March 25, 1713 in Essex Co., VA.
- Public record on Lady Agnes Vass in 1726 in Diód, Also-Fehér Megye, Hungary.
- Philip Vincent Vass, December 28, 1780, Louisa Co. VA.
- James Vass, native of Scotland, married around 1798 with Elizabeth Brain Maury, daughter of Colonel Abram Maury of Madison County.

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