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When it comes to starting a business, an important part of the process is choosing the right space for conducting operations. As a brokerage firm with 35 years of experience in the Lebanese real estate market, REVIEW S.A.R.L. understands that location can often times make it or break it. In our professional career we have also seen how difficult and, more importantly, expensive it can be to acquire the right space and to furnish and maintain a specialized facility. Having collected an extensive database during our operations, our firm has observed that funding is one of the main reasons many bright and creative individuals with innovative ideas have not yet been able to join Lebanon’s bustling business community.

To bridge this gap and break the trend of budget and space limitations, REVIEW S.A.R.L. is pleased to introduce its latest venture: MYOFFICE - a reliable, Lebanese service that offers complete office solutions and specialized facilities for budding, entrepreneurs, seasoned professionals and organizations alike. Our services are provided at a negligible cost and completely eliminate all the hassles that come with the prearrangement and maintenance of a conventional office space. Market studies have shown that in comparison with the traditional office solution, MYOFFICE services are 73% cheaper while retaining 100% efficiency.

In addition, MYOFFICE is linked to a global network that extends across 35 countries around the world.
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