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About I am a Reflexologist and I specialize in Detoxification.
We must acknowledge our pH balance and release toxins from our bodies.
Treat your feet...
Description I am a Reflexologist and I specialie in Detoxification via Ion Cleanse Detox. I will assist your body in releasing toxins from your body naturally as well as educate you in being Alkaline. Our bodies store so many toxins daily because of our world, daily stress and our environment. I also assist you in learning how to participate in helping your body become more Alkaline (pH balance) we are in a world that everything around us causes acid to our bodies from foods to the air we breath and once you have an acidic body you are more prone to cancers, viruses and parasites. I measure your pH balance and help you get on the right track with only 2 simple things DETOX and ALKALINE....Feel free to google these two websites "www.a major" and "www.sole to soul to find out more. Reflexology can alleviate pain and restore balance to your body which in turns helps you function better daily and to the best of your ability.
You owe it to yourself to live a healthier and happier life.
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