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About Welcome to the official Buddha to Buddha page! Buddha to Buddha is an Amsterdam based lifestyle brand, known worldwide for it’s outstanding bold jewellery.
Description How we started.
In 1997 Batul Loomans sat on a beach in Goa India and drew a bracelet on a piece of paper. Coincidentally there was someone in his vicinity who owned a silver factory. There the first sample was made. Founder, Batul Loomans, drew his first sketch of a bracelet during a meditation holiday in India back in 1997 and had a sample made by a local silver factory owner. In the early beginning it was just for fun and from the heart, but popularity of the strong and solid jewellery turned it into a business driven by passion as well.

Today the Buddha to Buddha pieces are all designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted by the finest traditional silversmiths on Bali. Having worked on this island since our conception, the brand has a deep-rooted connection with the island's people and culture.

The brand is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha way of life; the philosophy of both living consciously and fulfilling the possibilities of enjoyment, making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner. It’s an Eastern, almost spiritual approach. Far from being dreamy however, it hopefully inspires people to take responsibility for their actions as well.

Buddha to Buddha has become renowned for its bold unisex 925 sterling silver bracelets. Our jewels are made by hand; every piece is unique; each piece has a soul.

These outstanding silver masterpieces are all designed in Amsterdam by a skillful and creative team. The people who create them are amongst the finest traditional craftsmen in the world.
The timelessness of the designs and the nature of the material alongside the high quality of the make, all ensure Buddha to Buddha jewellery is treasured for life.

In recent years Buddha to Buddha has started to branch out into new exciting areas: A jewellery line consisting of miniature versions of the standard chunky range, genuine leather bags and accessories and a clothing line for both men and women. This easy fit clothing collection is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha lifestyle in the way that it redefines the meaning of comfort.

At Buddha to Buddha we like to do things different. We've always found new entrepreneurial ways to connect with our customers and our fans.

Within our organization friendship and teamwork are things that give meaning to our daily work. The collaborations we've created with our craftsmen in Indonesia, the relationships we've developed with our customers worldwide and the friendship we've built with our Buddha to Buddha fans. We are passionate about every aspect of our organization.
Nowadays Buddha to Buddha is an internationally renowned jewellery company with points of sale in over 15 countries around the globe and is still growing substantially.

In the early days, persuading people to believe in our mission turned into a new way of doing things and ‘the spirit of Buddha to Buddha’ came to light. We can be characterized as rebels in an often traditional industry. We believe in an open minded and optimistic view. You want some proof? Then come visit us on trade fairs or in our Amsterdam HQ or simply take a look at the long line of inspiring, free-spirited people we have dressed and adorned with our Jewellery, accessories and clothing over the years.

The spirit of BTB gives us energy. Hopefully it does the same for you!
Web site http://www.buddhatobuddha.com

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