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From my Heart to Your Home for over 30+ years.
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Description I am proud to be a Quality breeder of the AKC Imperial sized ShihTzu in the 4-8 lb range and have bred all sizes of AKC ShihTzu for over 30 years.. I fell in love with this breed back in the 1970's, and knew they were my life's passion. As a Lifetime lover of animals especially ShihTzu, I found that I could not function well without these wonderful babies being in my life.. after being owned and loved by them for several years, I chose to breed a very select number of furbabies for families that would love these precious puppies for their lifetimes. I started breeding the small standard size first, then as time and ability allowed, I moved into the Imperial sized ShihTzu and Chinese Imperial Dogs.... I am very selective about who ends up with my babies.. My goal has always been to NEVER HAVE EVEN ONE OF MY BABIES IN A SHELTER ... PERIOD.. that is my promise to very mom and puppy I breed.. and I will continue that promise for the duration of the time that I breed these wonderful babies...I love them too much to allow the possibility of them ever being abandoned or abused.. and the homes they go to will love them this passionately too .. Thank you for visiting us.. come back often!
Mission I am passionate about providing YOU with a stunning AKC imperial sized Shihtzu...They are my PASSION, not my business! I strive to produce quality babies who meet or exceed the standards set for the ShihTzu except for in a smaller, more compact size.. whether you call them "pocket puppy" Imperial" "Chinese Lion Dog" or furbaby... I GUARANTEE THEY WILL COME TO YOU WELL SOCIALIZED, PRE-SPOILED, AND PERFECTLY ADORABLE... we offer AKC Limited and Full Registration to qualified families.. Please visit our website, or our facebook page for updates on Puppies available..

if you LIKE us, tell others...if you dont like us, TELL US.. PLEASE...thanks, Cat
Overview ShihTzu are My PASSION, not my Business.
I have loved the ShihTzu breed since being introduced to them in the 1970's... seemingly overnight I went from a "BIG" dog lover to a Shih Tzu Pack Leader...

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