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About We sell Sport, Casual & Dress shoes for Women & Men. Our shoes use top quality leather for durability and comfort!
Description The Flexi brand is synonymous with quality and comfort. Flexi was founded in 1935 and today is the dominant footwear brand in Mexico. Flexi controls its quality standards by being vertically integrated having its’ own tanneries, pre-assembly plants, and its company owned factories.
For the last 12 years Flexi has been exporting its footwear to many international markets including the USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, and in Central and South America. The perceived value of our products, the universal fashion elements and comfort features make our shoes desirable in all markets. Now with the international expansion of company owned concept stores that can showcase the entire Flexi range of styles we are able to introduce the Flexi brand to the United States.
For more information, visit Flexi's website for U.S.A. www.shopflexi.com
Phone (972) 392-3539
Web site www.shopflexi.com

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