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About Wedding and Portrait Photography of San Diego and Southern California
Description Your wedding day is the culmination of months, even years of planning. You have dreamed of the perfect ceremony. You have hand selected flowers, fabrics, and decor that reflect your style. You want your guests to talk about how much fun they had for years to come. And you deserve a celebration that is Unforgettable!
Moments like these pass by in an instant. After the flowers have wilted, after the food is eaten, and after the lights go out how will you remember the day that your true love said, "I do."
We believe that every couple has a unique story. From the day he first held your hand, you knew. Or was it when he whispered "I love you" softly into your ear? This is it. This is the person I am going to spend the rest of my life with. My soulmate.
We love our couples! And we are honored to be a part of documenting the magic that happens when two souls collide.
We've been at this for over 8 years and still fall in love each time we get to know a couple's story!
Our fine art storybook approach to covering a love story is truly unique. We let the magic unfold and capture moments that are too soon gone. This helps ensure that emotions and expressions are real and true to the people expressing them. It gives you room to be who you are and have fun, feel the love, and enjoy your celebration.
We believe that your experience with your photographer is as important, if not more, as the artwork they are creating for you. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality products and our team is excited to provide the most excellent client experiences.
Rest assured that you will be leaving the documenting of your special day in the hands of true artisans that craft only the finest pieces of art.
We can't wait to get to know your love story!
You make the memories, we will make sure they are Unforgettable!
Phone (619) 888-3344
Web site http://unforgettablestudios.com

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