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About About Peace Brigades International
Description Peace Brigades International (PBI) is an international non-governmental organisation that has promoted non-violence and protected Human Rights Defenders since 1981.

PBI works to protect Human Rights Defenders, ordinary people and groups who face death threats, intimidation, detention and harassment because of their peaceful work in defence of Human Rights.
Mission PBI envisions a world in which people address conflicts non-violently, where human rights are universally upheld and social justice and inter-cultural respect have become a reality.

We believe in non-violence as a method of transforming conflict. We are convinced that enduring peace and lasting solutions to conflicts cannot be achieved by violent means.

PBI provides international Protective Accompaniment only at the request of human right defenders and in response to their needs. We avoid imposing, interfering or getting directly involved in the work of the people we accompany.

Our aim is to maintain and expand the space for those who defend Human Rights and promote social justice to work.
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