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Description BUNHOPE pursues exclusively charitable purposes, to support individual knowledge and inter-cultural dialogue for the protection, dissemination and enhancement of the cultural and human heritage, putting in attention children and adults who need moral support, physical and material.
Mission Aims of Bunhope are:

- improving education & training conditions in Romanian highlands and more withdrawned villages with alchoolic parents, divorced/separated and very poor conditions, regardless social status, membership of a religios group, with respect to their identity and freedom! For future we plan to involve ourself with this project not only in Romania but also abroad!

- eradicating poverty by providing people with knowledge and skills, the possibility to save and access to small loans, to give them the ladder leading out of poverty, but climb it themselves;

-open to serve teens in need of a loving and nurturing environment during their time of pregnancy and beyond. Believing that every life is a gift from God, Bunhope empowers and equips vulnerable teen mothers and their babies for lives of hope, dignity and self-sufficiency.

- promoting respect for animal legal rights,support in campains destined to large public about sterilization importance and increasing adoption in Romania;

- environment,afforestation and sustainable development of all types of forest in Romania


It all started in the fall of 2009.( the own story of Tamara )

( I Don't want to throw-everything on personal, but for better presentation of the BUNHOPE story, I have no choice).

I had temporary jobs as a waitress at several restaurants and three private houses where i was cleaning in Italy. At the same time, however I involved in the volunteer world of Caritas.
I liked it, amused me, and gave me a lot of satisfaction by feeling useful for those in need.

Those from Caritas also gave me a card from St. John the Baptist Parish the Sixth San Giovanni, which allowed me to get summer clothes, autumn and winter, because i wasn't earning enough to buy new ones. I was more than happy because it gave me a lot of things, in excellent condition and I had access to toys and although used, once cleaned and "restructured" becamed wonders.

Being able to benefit, however,of this card only once a month, which wasn't allowing me to pick up the goods on my will, I decided to not only speak directly with those from Caritas for direct help but from my own initiative, i've gathered clothes from rubbish bins and street, so called "yellow bags with toys' :) (actually, as you've probably guessed, not everything was in excellent condition), and was not intended for long journeys between Italy and Romania).

I talked in detail with the manager, Ms. Simona Citterio.
Volunteers from Caritas welcomed me with open arms and I have found several occupations, helping me a lot, also morally.
Then I bought a Santa suit less expensive ;) (that I continued with it until last Christmas that now you I was thinking about renewing my Santa wardrobe ;)) and I managed to get things selected for Romania where I also succeeded to buy some sweets and a little "fruits.

In order to not go too long in the stories I just want to say that first Christmas of 6 January 2010 (been about Valea Viseului, a village that lies on the border between Romania and Ukraine as well as native speakers "of Ukraine are celebrating in accordance with old rite calendar) there were 13 children who saw for the first time a Santa.

I was very happy about my accomplishments.
Week after week, month after month time passed quickly. Among my professional growth also increased by various modifications
and innovations that have occurred in my life and I'm sorry to say that but for for short period I have surpassed in second plan the BUNHOPE project.

The year passed quickly and here we are again back to late autumn.
As always were calling home and on the other hand, my mother said that children are preparing already Christmas songs. This is because those who have seen Santa, have no patience to see him returned, and those who have not seen it but have heard about it, are hoping that Santa Claus will also pass over them.

That was enough to melt my heart and get back again to work :)
So since "I did, though very difficulty previously I had to organize again for Christmas 2011'

Hastily took I called the association " bun " from Romanian "good" and "Hope" in English "hope", so good hope or at least I hope so, we developed a status, articles of incorporation, we studied all practices of establishment of an association just when I had all in the hand, the clerk asked me mimim 500.00 euros only two signatures, and of course I could not bear such an expense, but I bought space for the www.bunhope.org, e-mail info@bunhope.org, I created a group on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Bunhope thanks to friends and I developed the association logo, business cards, letterhead enveloped with logo, etc..

I started to believe in big, too much in big :D, since the domain for www.bunhope.org have expired one year later, I could not develop the website and to change the address (based pseudo Association) have renewed all, except group on Facebook.

Regardless of success and especially my "thinking big" I didn't quit with the BUNHOPE. I was already working in a small company, so I spoke with colleagues and managers who in turn talked to their friends, and so on ...

They brought me toys, also gift bags, small Christmas caps and so on, at the moment I returned from Caritas, which gave me some clothes.

Ukrainian Christmas was coming and I began to send goods in Romania (with buses that go weekly Romania - Italy), and as soon as I was able, I went too.

I managed to revive Santa Claus in the last minute, once again, and it was nice that this year there were over 20 children. We went from house to house throughout the village.

For Christmas or not, children are always children, we also entered in homes that needed less help just only for children's happiness which should not depend only on welfare parents.

We visited houses after houses, and the joy that shone in the eyes of children is indescribable, the hugs and smiles that they give you cannot have a price, extremely deep, intense and beautiful.They transport you to another world, their world, where you feel like you want to stay forever, or at least scattering around your innocence and purity with intelligent faces , inquisitive, penetrating eyes, very expressive but in the same time hesitant. They feel like to talk about themselves, their families, their siblings, about their everyday life but when are finally in front of Santa Claus not finding longer the words.

Tell stories that they learned in kindergarten or school, poems learned from parents, songs ..... all that in a burst of joy ... happiness .... light .... in the wonderful world of the little big!

an year, where if it wasn't my family, BUNHOPE was having much less power ...
... an year in which i met special people ....

In short, it happened like this in first place:
I met a responsible trade in Northern Italy, responsible on more than one shopping centers.

I asked for food which wasn't sold for long or damaged.
Aw: BUNHOPE doesn't have any story. We help only those who have already a history and those who have a road much more defined. (honestly someone who can make advertising for them strongly )

Then: In a chain of supermarkets, famous in Italy. I asked for a chocolate for every child, the cheapest (50 in total) Aw:? Certainly lady, with great pleasure, I know that because of bureaucracy we should organize "legal" but as it takes too long, we could organize something ''personal "and we definitely can do something :)

Response after 2 weeks: I'm sorry, we couldn't do anything!

This is just one example ....... my goal is to not put anyone in bad light .....

Then i told to myself : who gives you the necessary enthusiasm? Where do you find/search for it? How? What should you do? Illusions, one behind the other. Sometimes I think ... it's all wrong .... I do not know ... "(published on facebook page of BUNHOPE from 03/02/2012)

But I was lucky enough to realize that miracles really exist, and when toys have been brought from Switzerland, a box of pasta, while a person from Caritas gave me a box of white scarves and clothes, and also when the other has come at my home with sweets and fruits enough for all children, this year was 53.

I was very grateful for all of that !


So much joy and other's help have pushed me to change my mind and the need to restructure BUNHOPE in more formal so as the potential volunteers and donors would give them the ability to make 'conscious' choices.

On 24 April, it had to finish legalizing in Romania "Association BUNHOPE" Unfortunately, for various reasons, i'm still waiting for response from the court in Cluj, to record it.

This allows us to have an "official protection" for our work, allowing us more, to operate on the ground to help and to create new forms of cooperation or partnership.

Only formally established, BUNHOPE by public act and taking advantage of consistent laws, registered in Italy, which hopefully will be able to receive formal help from a larger number of people.

Formalizing of BunHope, by spirit and heart would not need all these things, but above all,it allows us to be associated with an affiliate system that we studied in detail so as to create a really "extended family" on the projects and therefore, a flow of information about the various initiatives more effective.

So, for Christmas in 2013 was now assured.
From this concept of Christmas with gifts and joy, or better yet more joy in giving, we try at times to give birth to a series of dreams.
The first is, of course, to continue this wonderful habit of Santa Claus visit with gifts, extending it to more and more people / children.

The second is to add more food in those offerings (both necessary) and try to expand and distribute food not only for Christmas, but maybe quarterly, for now, and then hopefully monthly.

For these first two initiatives will continue "to ask'' who will help me to send clothes, toys, non-perishable food and hygiene products, in order to organize an expedition to Romania quarterly.
Web site www.bunhope.org _ in corso di elaborazione

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