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About For info & pricelist contact Ifah - 0812-6531-6661 | Ole - 0895.2333.7281 | Seto - 0857.1031.4993 | or email : dailyphotostudio@gmail.com
Description We believe that, if something is done with passion, it is a work driven by heart.
We do believe that a photograph is one among many things that can define and remind us of who we really are.

It is our passion, photography came from our hearts.
Because to us, a photograph is not just a piece of printed paper, but is a crystalized and visible memory of our past.

So if you gona make one, why don’t you make it more meaningful, concepted, genuine, and of course well excecuted one.
Don’t have any slightest idea how to make it happen ?
That’s what we’re here for ! :)

email : dailyphotostudio@gmail.com
call/sms/WA : Ifah - 0812-6531-6661 | Ole - 0815.111.07.128 | Seto - 0857.1031.4993
instagram : @dailyphotojkt
Phone 081265316661
Web site http://www.dailyphotostudio.com

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