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About The Pawn Princess is a living symbol of Cash Canada's commitment to Best of Class service in the pawn business.
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It was at a time of strife and turmoil in the Principality of Pawnrovia when The Pawn Princess was born into the ruling family of the Kingdom. All around the lands were being slowly consumed by big business, banks, and intrusive governments - giving the people of these lands much grief. In these sordid locales the leaders sadly placed themselves above the people.

Pawnrovia was different. The family of the Princess had always ruled the kingdom in a fair, and understanding fashion. So it was that from an early age the Princess was taught the values of respect and compassion, learning that to be a good ruler she also needed to be “of the people.” Though of royal descent, she was always encouraged to work and play side by side with her subjects, sharing all their ups and downs and truly caring for their well being. She became a master of character judgment.

Being of Royal blood and training she also became an excellent leader. Her benevolent nature did not impede her natural smartness, savvy and shrewd nature. She is proud of what she has accomplished and of the people who have come to trust and rely on her when they need a little loan to get by for a little while. This combined with her robust character makes her a straight-shooting, fun-loving, generous gal.
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