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Description X-OVEN is the charcoal oven for last generation professional kitchens; it is equipped with an insulated chamber and an external, safe and functional fumes exhaust system, while its inner parts are made of porcelain stainless steel. Its removable grill drawers system is a distinctive trait. The drawers, mounted on ball bearing telescopic rails, have been designed to work at extremely high temperatures and offer maximum resistance to constant stress over time. The partition at the end of each drawer makes all the difference: in fact, it allows removing each drawer and control the cooking process while maintaining the oven isolated and preventing heat losses.
X-OVEN is an idea by Enrico Piazzi, caterer and inventor for both business and passion. He himself, half serious and half joking, says that a first intuition had flashed observing a toy oven, the legendary 80's Easy Bake, which had struck him for its side drawer. From there - and, above all, after having spent years in front of glowing hot, uncomfortable, uneconomic and unsafe grills - the solution: replace the traditional front hatch in old charcoal ovens with a removable grills system. Three, to be precise, and placed at different heights therefore able to cook different dishes at different temperatures; a simple but revolutionary idea, like all ideas that work.
Three years of research, experiments and tests have been devoted to finalizing it. Today, using X-OVEN means discovering a cooking philosophy that enhances authentic flavours and creativity, saving on consumption and working safely.
Web site http://www.x-oven.com

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