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About Canine Group Association, Vadodara is principally working on Environment & Wildlife Conservation and Awareness. We are working on major issues of Wildlife.

Canine Group Association., Vadodara is principally working on Environment & Wildlife Conservation. Our activities are concerned to four major objectives i.e. Rescue & Treatment of animals as per the guidelines of the Forest Department & veterinary Doctors , Awareness and Educational activities regarding Environment and wildlife, Carrying out Conservation Project, Training & Campaigning involving the youth for Environment conservation. We also carry out workshops in collaboration with the Forest Department in both rural and urban areas of Gujarat. We also work for spreading awareness in schools & institutes with our presentations, pet shows, wildlife career program & painting competition in all over Gujarat State.

Main work of NGOs.
1) Rescue & Treatment Work (Wild and domestic animals)
2) Awareness Activities (environmental awareness in public sector)
3) Project Work (extinct wild life and environment conservation projects)
4) Campaign (Natural Education)

Canine Group Association, Vadodara is also well know for performing various events in Vadodara district. We have the privilege of initiating the World Sparrow day celebration in Vadodara, every year since 2009 till now. Activities like Biodiversity tree plantation event, bird watching program, and endangered species awareness programme and bird rescue and rehabilitation program are undertaken by us throughout the year especially during the Uttarayan festival.

Canine Group Association, Vadodara is working in Gujarat for the protection and conservation of environment and wild life. We believe that human beings are gifted by nature with the precious ability to think and care for the gifts of Mother Nature. But with passage of time we began to exploit all these gifts of nature for economic purpose that has demolished the critical balance of nature. We believe that the youth has the power to make the difference. We have taken an oath to preserve this Mother Nature and take it back at the stage of abundance with involvement the youth.
We believe that protection of wildlife and environment is not only the responsibility of Forest Department but it is a concern for each and every human being who takes something directly or indirectly from nature. It is our duty every human being to repay the debts of nature in any and every way suitable.

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