Imee Ooi

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Description Imee Ooi is a Chinese-Malaysian record producer, composer, and singer who composes and arranges music for classic Buddhist chant, mantra, and dharani. She performs her compositions in Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan, and Mandarin. In 1997 she founded a record label, I.M.M. Musicworks, to publish her music. To date, she has released more than 40 albums.Ooi also composed and directed three highly-acclaimed stage musicals: Siddhartha, Above Full Moon, and Princess Wen Cheng (aka Jewel of Tibet).BiographyOoi was born in Taiping, Malaysia to a musically-inclined Hoklo family. Her grandfather, who was a writer and dramatist, emigrated to Malaysia from Guangdong, China. Ooi's mother was a piano teacher; Imee and her four siblings all learned piano. Ooi continued her study of piano and trained as a classical pianist.Ooi's Hokkien Chinese name is Huáng Huìyīn (黃慧音), which is pronounced "Ooi Hooi Imm".
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