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About Global Power Cuddling For Business or Pleasure Plus Cuddlelicious Strategies, CA$H CLUB & Solutions For Every Area of Your Life ❤
Description BeverlyHillsCuddleClub Cuddle Buddies are affluent, attractive, educated, cultured, luxury brand consumers and achievers including global power brokers, financiers, entrepreneurs, oil and energy tycoons, sheikhs, celebs, pro-athletes, icons, multi-millionaires, billionaires and esteemed individuals from power cuddler countries including: ❤

Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Austria Australia
United Cuddlelicious States of America.

The benefits of super cuddling are priceless and essential to optimum health and vitality. Cuddling is key to evolving into happier, healthier, sexier, happier, wealthier and more productive high impact positive global contributors. ❤

BeverlyHillsCuddleClub's private "Capital Client" membership packages begin at $50k USD to 150,000.00. USD plus expenses. ❤

Wholesome, quality sustainable recreation, fun, entertainment and worthy cuddle connections that you won't be ashamed to share with your children, family, church or professional contacts ... that's the BeverlyHillsCuddleClub. ❤ We even have family-only and power cuddler couple cuddle club events, too!

Mission "I want to share the intense love, bonding, healing, rejuvenating, deeply rewarding and brain-storming power of cuddling and human touch with the world!" ❤

Rhonda Coleman Albazie
Chief Cuddletress
Beverly Hills Cuddle Club
Overview has remixed the world of social networking in and beyond the world's most famous zip code and aims to take connecting, cuddling, compassionate social responsibility, global commerce business, cuddle therapy, intimacy and mass market entertainment where connecting, cuddling, compassionate social responsibility, global commerce business, cuddle therapy, intimacy and cuddlelicious mass market entertainment have never quite gone before. Get cuddles.

Targeting an achievement focused, positive and high net-worth demographic then remixing pro-cuddle business with pleasure, offers a power rolodex personal and professional connections social network featuring virtual cuddling, up close and cuddles personal luxe events, services and much more. Get cuddles.

The cuddle club's comprehensive business B2C model delivers non sexual intimacy and cuddle themed experience events online and offline. Cuddle therapy, an ultra cuddle interactive human touch research lab, five star luxe resort cuddle spa events, cuddle retreats, cuddle cardio, cuddlilates fitness, BeverlyHillsCuddleClub signature merchandise and media including entertainment, films, literary works, e-books, magazines, music, mobile apps and gaming all compliment Get cuddles. offers a mobile app available for download for iPhone, iPad and Android and Blackberry. We deliver virtual and augmented reality gaming via our 3D Virtual Cuddle Club and augmented reality multiplayer social gaming for Facebook complimented by a global virtual cuddle economy with its own virtual cuddle currency for purchases within the virtual cuddle club world and for events offline and purchases within the real BeverlyHillsCuddleClub store. Our virtual multiplayer cuddle club game is available on Facebook and smart phones, enabling our Cuddle Buddies with global cuddle connectivity, cuddle game theory, applications to upgrade cuddling, "A" game power cuddle and intimacy technique, longevity life skills and the opportunity to experience world class cuddle club entertainment. Get cuddles.

Our pro-cuddle philanthropic subsidiary with strategic, high impact contribution cuddle campaigns is the next level network opportunity for socially responsible pro-cuddle corporations, singles or power cuddler couple Cuddle Buddies - the next generation of high impact global contributor philanthropists. Get cuddles.

CA$H Club is our in-cuddle-club-network start up funding platform which provides resources and start-up funding via cuddle crowd-sourcing from our Power Cuddler financiers and Cuddle Buddy network. The CA$H Club @BeverlyHillsCuddleClub delivers professional collaboration, contribution by A-List execs along with PR and advertising opportunities @BeverlyHillsCuddleClub,
our subsidiary networks and worldwide web vertical networks. These strategic, combined efforts aim to take our coveted Cuddle Buddy start up projects from zero to three-sixty. Get cuddles.
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