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About Welcome to Pakistan Careers, where students and professionals alike can interact with our employees, ask questions, generate discussions and benefit from expert career advice.
Description “Pakistan Careers is a community where we work together to reshape lives. We aim to make a positive impact by providing a place for you to interact and discuss endless career possibilities. Together, we look to progress towards a brighter future!”


1. The purpose of this page is to generate general career-related discussions

2. Do not use this page for promotions; the page administrators reserve the right to delete any such posts

3. Spammers will be put on a 12-hour monitoring period, and will be removed (along with the content posted by them) from the page if they persist

4. Please avoid abusive/foul language, the page administrator reserves the right to delete any inappropriate comment. People who post such content will be warned and in case of persistence, will be removed from the page.

5. We only posts adds (not-profit) from companies about job openings, We are not responsible for what companies or applicants claims.
Its all depend on company to check candidate properly before hiring and applicant must check company before joining.

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